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The Internet & Birth of Generation Z

This is a debate that has been waging since the creation of the internet and the birth of generation Z. The 2 sides of it include that people who are hooked on their devices lose the sense of reality and get disconnected, whereas the other side contends that the idea of being connected to a hyper-reality increases pleasure as compared to the outside world. Taking an unbiased stance, let’s analyze both sides of this debate. 

On the one hand, parents who form Generation X are of the opinion that experiencing the world is more important and meaningful to life as it makes one prepared to deal with circumstances in the real world and not be left hurt. They believe in a more survival style of living. Why get hurt when you can get through it easily? Is the simple thought process behind their arguments. 

The major issue lies with mobile devices. The devices that we can take anywhere and everywhere. They are of the opinion that this constant concentration on such devices removes our concentration from real life and pulls us out of the real world. 

On the other hand, the children who form the Generation Z are of the opinion that the usage of such devices does help as it connects them to the actual world and doesn’t just restrict them to their geographical boundaries. It helps them connect to people around the world and experience the whole wide world. They contend that such intense amounts of concentration does have a philosophical reason that lies in hedonism. It is evident that the concept stands as pleasure is derived from being and talking to friends. Moreover, the current situation seems to be a clear reason to prove why being away from mobile devices actually makes you lose touch with reality. Had you left your devices you would not know about so many events, protests, rallies, news and so on. 

So ask yourself, where do you experience more in the real world or in the “Internet world”?

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