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It is made up of waste wood but covered in a beautiful panel, containing three filters on each side and consisting of a liquid diffuser which can help sanitize living area especially during existing Covid- 19 pandemic. It comes equipped with a 1080p night vision camera with SD card, a mosquito killer with ultraviolet lights, camera sensor LCD charger, controlled through remote, phone or Alexa. It has four wheels attached on the bottom for easy movement of Shudhvayu.

Dream Machine

Dream Machine, developed by Bhavya Bansal is a combination of various scientific disciplines with an extensive scope of applications as a Multipurpose Robot which is GPS enabled, Portable Transport, Bomb explosive, spying Robot when mounted on as Drone in the areas of Defence and Industries.

Agriculture Drone

It is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system; which includes a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two."

Aqua Solar Canopy

Project built on the principle of Rainwater harvesting (RWH) i.e., the collection and storage of rain water. In Rainwater Harvesting, rainwater is collected from a roof-like surface or a big container and then it is further redirected to a tank, a deep pit or a cistern, or a reservoir with percolation. Its uses include watering gardens, after proper treatment, domestic use and irrigation.

Cleaning Bot

A wired robot along with a gripper, which can perform the following tasks of gripping, grabbing, lifting, dropping, dragging. It is designed in a way so it can easily perform the tasks of gripping objects and putting them in target zones so that it can clean the route by overcoming the hurdles in its path. It can be manually controlled it also have an onboard electric power supply.

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Mentors on Board

Sumeer Rajinder Walia (Founder Director-CEED)

Chitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship Education Development

Accreditations & Approvals:

  • Govt. of India TBI-Technology business incubator-DST-MSME
  • Govt. of India NEWGEN IEDC-NSTEBD
  • Govt. of India TEC Technology enabling centre-DST
  • NIDHI Prayas Grant

Dhruv Gupta

Head of Operations, iTIC Incubator, IIT Hyderabad

Dr JK Sharma

Director Research, Industry Interface & Innovation CT University Ludhiana having 35 years of academic association out of which five years consists of core area of entrepreneurship thru incubation & startup ecosystem

Innovators Speak

  • Aryaman Verma (Three times india book of record holder):

    Since my childhood, I was fascinated by technology and my parents always supported me to try my hands on different innovations. My parents always support me in everything and give me monetary rewards in lieu of my creations.

  • Bhavya Bansal (India Book of record holder):

    It sometimes become difficult for me to manage my studies and robotics together but then constant support from my teachers and parents motivates me to keep working hard and do innovations

  • Harsijan and Armaan (Winner of Cozmo Clench organised by IIT mumbai) :

    We joined WHIZROBO at a very young age and started developing the interest in robotics and STEM. The constant guidance and instructions from the trainers and support from our parents made us reach the heights.

  • Shrey Jain and Shresth Jain ( 2nd runner ups at South Asia’s biggest Robotics Championship) :

    Our efforts were never enough if our teachers and parents never gave us the best opportunities. Our ideas and these projects became a reality due to everybody’s dedication and hard work. Without their support, I would have not been able to win such big competetions.

  • Lakshita (1st Runner up in South Asia’s Biggest Robotics Competition) :

    I was very young when I started developing interest in robots and artificial intelligence. When I Got 1st Runner up in South Asia’s Biggest Robotics Competition IRC Open League Season 9, I felt so overwhelmed. The constant support and Guidance from my parents and WHIZROBO made me accomplish my goal and win other various competitions at national and international level.

  • Meher:

    I made a home automation project Using IOT(Internet of Things). It was difficult for me to maintain a balance between studies and take time to work on my project but the secret to attain the balance is to maintain a proper schedule provided that you can follow it and work compassionately towards your goal.

  • Siddharth (A technocrat) :

    I always wanted to become an Engineer and started preparing at a very young age, then I came to know about STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).It all started fascinating me a lot and soon I realised my interest in the field and decided to persue it as my career.

  • Bhavyam Jain (Youngest Innovator) :

    I have always believed that It's not about ideas, it's about turning them into reality and science is the only path towards innovation. I have worked hard to turn my ideas into models and my parents and teachers have always acted like my backbone.

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Reyansh gupta - Class 5th, Electronic

Dancing Robot - This is a Dancing Robot model made by Reyansh Gupta. This is a D.I.Y. model based upon circuits.

Nikunj Kapoor - Class 6th, Electronic

Traffic Light - the traffic light project by nikunj is a scaled down model of real traffic lights and works with a controller called arduino

Vivan Gupta - Class 5th, Electronic

LCD Display - A project made by vivaan gupta where different numbers and alphabets can be displayed on a LED screen through coding and programming.

Shivansh Gupta - Class 6th, Electronic

Street Light - In this project street lights automatcally glow up when at dusk and dawn sensing the amount of light in environment.

Gaurish Singla - Class 10th, Electronic

Smart Dustbin - This smart dustbin by gaurish is loaded with sensors, and micro controllers and can be proved a futuristic gadget.

Divyam Jain - Class 3rd, Electronic

Display Numbers -The project made by using seven segments where any no. upto 999 can be displayed using wires and batteries.

Ishaan Gupta - Class 9th, Electronic

Wireless Car - An automated car combined of a variety of sensors to perceive their surroundings, such as radar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units.Advanced control systems interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signals.

Bisman Singh - Class 9th, Electronic

Virtual Mopping Robot - A virtual mopping robot that aims to helps one maintain clean floors, dry-or damp-mopping any hard-floor surface with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths.

Bhvyam Jain - Class 5th, Electronic

Smart Traffic Light - Smart traffic lights or Intelligent traffic lights are a vehicle traffic control system that combines traditional traffic lights with an array of sensors and artificial intelligence to intelligently route vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Anahita Thaper - Class 6th, Electronic

Virtual Line Following Robot - virtual line following is the technology that is used for moving a robotic vehicle to a specific place, without any interference of direct human control.

Trishank - Class 4th, STEM and Robotic

Electric Mixer - A model based on the concept of gears ,the electric mixer's function is a symphony of precise movements by many small parts.

Ritima Khanna - Class 3rd, STEM and Robotic

Manual Lifting Table - easy manual operated scissor lifting table for raising table top to the desired level based on the concept of levers.

Omaar Singh - Class 4th, STEM and Robotic

Bridge - A miniature bridge model that explains the balance and stability of huge bridges and their types.

Arjun - Class 1st, Mechanical

Mechanical car - a stable structure of car with wheel and axle , motors and a programmable brain that can also be controlled with the remote.

Ayaan Jagota - Class 3rd, STEM and Robotic

Gravitational Wheel Axle car - A car with combination of wheel and axle that works with the effect of gravity working on it.

Aviyukt Jain - Class 3rd, STEM and Robotic

balance scale - The Balance Scale is used to measure weight of different objects Aviyukt Jain has created a mini model of a Balance Scale.

Vidit Jain - Class 4th, STEM and Robotic

Basketball Stand - The model based on the concept of balance and stability and a look alike of real life basket ball stand.

Tanmay Jain - Class 3rd, Scratch

Thirsty Crow Story - the goal was simple – to make a short animated clip of a story, famous story- "The Thirsty Crow" with the help of drag and drop programming.

Soumil Jain - Class 7th, Electronics

Wind mill - A structure that converts wind power into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails or blades, specifically to generate electricity.

Avimukt Garg - Class 2nd, Electronic

Eye Rolling Pet - A robotic pet that has geared eyes which can rotate at different speeds with different gear combinations.

Aliya Gupta - Class 6th, STEM and Robotics

Carrousel - A carousel or merry-go-round, is a type of amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders made with programmable brain through wich its speed can be controlled.

Viraj - Class 6th, Mechanical

See Saw - A model of see saw, an example of first class levers made with help of blocks and connectors.

Soumil Jain Class 6th, Mechanical

Claw Robot - The Claw robot can move in all directions and reach objects up to 18-inches away and trap them securely in its claws.

Bhavyam Bansal - Class 10th, Electronic

Dream Machine - "e. Dream Machine, developed by Bhavya Bansal is a combination of various scientific disciplines with an extensive scope of applications as a Multipurpose Robot which is GPS enabled, Portable Transport, Bomb explosive, spying Robot when mounted on as Drone in the areas of Defence and Industries"

Armaan Gupta - Class 6th, Modle Rocket

Model Rocket - The young rocket enthusiast participated in model rocketry workshop and built his own rocket and studied about principles of rocket launching.

Harsirjan Singh - Class 7th, Electronics

Mopping Robot - We have designed a wired robot along with a gripper, which can perform the following tasks of gripping, grabbing, lifting, dropping, dragging and cleaning the floor

Mananveer Singh - Class 11th, Electronics

Electric Car - A car designed with sensors, readers, prorammable board and bluetooth module which can be controlled with mobile also.

Avni Somani - Class 7th, Electronics

Virtual line following robot - a virtual robot that follows lines and borders in the simulation environment that is complex and takes quite a bit of time.

Gurekam Singh - Class 5th, STEM and Robotic

Graning Machine - A miniature of real graining machines used in factories, industries explaining the concept of gears and handles.

Akshaj Gupta - Class 2nd

Electric Generator - A generator that converts mascular energy into electrical energy was created by akshaj gupta using motors and gear combinations.

Satvik Jain - Class 7th

Tower Crane - A block based model of a tower crane that is used to build skyscrappers with the help of motors and pulleys was made by akshaj gupta.

Hardik Makkar - Class 7th, Scratch Advanced and Basic

Dodge me if you can - the aim of the game is to control the sprite and dodge the objects coming it's way for as long as possible. one can’t dodge them forever; because basically we are playing a game of survival and the challenge essentially is to stay in the game for as long as possible.

Sanaya Singh - Class 2nd, Scratch

Animating my name - A scratch program made with dancing, color aand size changing alphabets of one's name.

Sanaya - Class UKG STEM and Robotics

Ladder - A ladder with beam at centre was designed by sanaya explaining the concept of balance and stability.

Siddharth Sharma - Class undergrad degree STEM and Robotics

Mouth Open Animal - sidhart created a mouth opening animal whose Mouth Can Be Opened And Closed Automatically By Using The Controller And Has A Realistic Sound Feature.

Meher Gupta - Class 11th

Home automation - Home automation is the automation process of home appliances and other home functions so that they can be controlled with phone, computer, or even remotely based on various microcontrollers, arduino, raspberry pi, etc.