We live and breathe technology. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by it. The device I am typing this blog on, the device you are reading this content from, the TV that you look at every day. This is all a part of technology. But, have we become hooked to it, or are we the ones who can control our use of it?

On the one hand, we use technology everywhere that it seems like we can’t live without it. On the other, it also seems like as we grow more minimalistic, we are losing our grasp on technology.

In reality, it seems that we are the ones who control technology. We use it to our will and wish and we don’t perform any commands that it gives. The common rebuttal is that, take the example of your alarms, or notifications. Aren’t the alarms telling you when to wake up?

But that is a misconception, to clear the air, it is we who set the alarms in the first place. We use technology to help us. We don’t let our phones decide what time the alarm should be set; we are the ones who set it. This is a clear indication that we control technology.

Technology has shaped us, yet we are the ones who have let it shape us. The argument that technology at first, sounds true but in reality, it is absurd. The main argument behind such a stance itself falls apart having no backing.

We have lived from the Stone Age, being masters of our weapons and so we will also live the digital age being the master of our own creation, for we are not Victor Frankenstein and our technology is not Frankenstein’s monster.