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Benefits of Self Learning Online Platforms

Students are beautifully made by nature, to self-direct their own learning. For almost all students, learning is innate, which is why they prefer learning on their own by exploring, observing, questioning, and participating. Coercive teaching is no more working right. The traditional model of higher education with rote memorization, lack of student exposure, undemanding curriculum, and lack of freedom to learning are looked down upon. This has often stopped students from developing their complex thinking and problem-solving skills that are much required for their everyday lives.

The pandemic has created a massive increase in demand for online classes for kids and teens. Health restrictions have made it difficult for us to move around and maintain a more active social life. This has directly affected our children’s education, but fortunately, e-learning has allowed education to continue. Online education may seem, to some people, to be a way of complicating study and learning. It is essential to know that teachers have reinvented themselves to adapt to this new methodology so that students get the most out of the knowledge they are taught. 

WHIZFLIX is a 4th generation self-learning platform. We provide a wide variety of courses related to programming languages and STEM to the student with a well-planned curriculum and top teachers from which students can learn and develop skills to become future-ready. You can access these courses wherever you want, and you just require a laptop with a good enough internet connection, and that’s it; you are ready to learn. Now lets look on some benefits of the self-learning platforms and online education

What are the benefits of Self – Learning through the platforms?

  1. Self-learning allows each student to learn at their own pace. We all are different, and so are the young kids, but when they are told to be at par with their fellow classmates learning at their own pace gets hindered. Self-learning eliminates this expectation of the students, each one feels empowered to learn and grasp knowledge in the way they feel comfortable. Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid”. WHIZFLIX helps you discover your abilities and ways that make each one of us different from the other by letting the student do the courses at their own pace.
  2. Online learning is a way to provide quick delivery of lessons. As compared to the traditional classroom teaching method, this mode has relatively quick delivery cycles. This indicates that the time required to learn is reduced to 25%-60% of what is required in traditional learning. As now the student isn’t required to travel to the training venue and can comfortably learn at their own place.
  3. One of the significant advantages of self-learning is that it empowers students to take control of their own learning. When students have control over their learning, they become far more focused and invested. It allows students to feel independent and understand concepts with a range of online and offline research. We at WHIZFLIX believe in this and thus encourage the student to ponder upon the concepts, question them, and clarify them with the teachers, thus enhancing the concept clarity.
  4. Students who self-learn have more opportunities to control their learning with better data insights. These days, learning management systems (LMS) have adequate tools that let students be vigilant of their assessment performance with insightful data presentations and instant notifications about test scores. WHIZFLIX provides students a great interface where they can self-assess themselves by analyzing the weekly progress report and test scores, thus finding their weaknesses and then can work on them.
  5. Self-directed learning gives students the freedom to think critically, understand, and work on applying it all more effectively than system-centric learning. Since the student is giving time to themselves while self-learning, it leads to the creation of many doubts, which on getting solved leads to further concept clearing and thus enhances the quality of the learning.
  6. On the platform, the students can be provided with any kind of resources and it does not have to be restricted to any particular type, it can be anything like PDFs, videos, or quizzes. On the WHIZFLIX platform, we compile all the resources and put all of them together so that students can access it easily.
  7. Online learning programs are very affordable. Students can save your parents money on traveling as you can conveniently do at home. It only requires an internet connection and devices like laptops, computers or tablets. Parents are also relieved from paying extra money for their travel and other expenses in offline coaching. We at WHIZFLIX believe in the fact that education is for everyone, and thus we provide courses at very affordable prices so that every student can access it.
  8. Online learning is an important platform for discussion and interaction as well. You can have group discussions with your teachers and fellow classmates which enables you to clear any queries related to the subject. It offers a platform for you to connect with your teachers and friends via emails, chat rooms etc.  Also, communicate and interact with different regions or countries. WHIZFLIX provides a great community of students where they can interact with each other by competing with each other and learning from others.

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