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Smart Wheel Chair

Divyam Jain, a 10-year-old student from Sat Paul Mittal School in Ludhiana, has achieved a remarkable feat. He designed a semi-self-navigating wheelchair that has earned recognition in the India Book of Records. Divyam’s inspiration came from his grandfather, Bhushan Jain, who was in a wheelchair after an accident. Realizing his grandfather’s dependence on others to operate the wheelchair, Divyam decided to create a solution. Divyam’s design ensures affordability, with an estimated cost of Rs 10,000. Divyam’s mentors, Dimple Verma and Lottie Mukuka, emphasize the importance of equipping students with skills in robotics, coding, IoT, and AI. By combining science, mathematics, and design thinking, Divyam’s system lowers the product cost. Having achieved this remarkable feat, Divyam now aims to develop a robot for environmental cleaning. His passion for science and technology drives him toward a promising career in these fields. Divyam’s innovation will benefit many elderly and needy individuals, granting them greater independence. His dream has become a reality, showcasing the power of determination and creativity.