As the modern world becomes increasingly digital, it will be paramount to create a new generation of innovators in the STEM field. The first step toward creating a more innovative collection of workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics begins in the classroom. WHIZROBO trains Teachers to facilitate STEM lessons to their students and pique their interest from an early age.We are setting up Robotics Labs and provide trainings and workshops to enhance the skill of students in core subjects like Science & Maths in Schools. We also provide a National and International Platform for school students to explore the best practices of technology across the globe.

    The Shri Ram Universal School Ldh

    KVM SCHOOL, Civil Lines

    GNPS, Model Town Ext.

    KVM SCHOOL, City Campus


    Shamrock School

    Guru Nanak Public School Birmi

    BCM school, Chandigarh Road


    WHIZROBO believes in "Learning by Doing". We are pioneers in setting up Robotics Clubs where we help students simplify science with Technology. We offer age appropriate activities, international standard curriculum to indulge students and provide hands on technology.  Teaching math, science, and engineering directly from a dry textbook doesn't bring any of the ideas to life. This method of teaching goes against the grain of one of the fundamental philosophies of STEM subjects. It states that these subjects provide a "powerful lens for understanding the world and addressing societal challenges."


    Capacity Building of students, teachers and parents towards application of science and technology.Build scientific temperament among students.Teach Core CS-STEM concepts in a hands-on, engaging and fun filled mannerValue for investment Students can be engaged throughout the yearParticipation in National & International Robotics competitions.

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