• WHIZROBO prepares children for 21st century skills which help them to think, create and Innovate. TEAM WHIZROBO puts in special efforts to inspire Young Minds to be the Next Generation Leaders. All the best

    Mr Shobhan Soi

  • My heart felt greatfull and thanks to WHIZROBO and specially Mrs. Dimple Verma who is doing a wonderful job in shaping children's mind in technology and robotics. WHIZROBO also provides great platform to pursue student's interest and dreams.

    Dr. Monika Bansal

  • WHIZROBO has been instrumental in developing interest in students regarding robotics. I thank WHIZROBO for everything wish them good luck.

    DR. Neeraj Bansal

  • WHIZROBO is involved in delivering the STEM Education and creative ideas in Scientific manner. They provide golden chance to students to enthralled their science skills. All the best for future

    Mrs Raman Oberoi

  • WHIZROBO gives a platform to the students to explore more in STEM Education. They help students to learn Maths,Science and Technology same in a practical way. All the best for future

    Mrs Namitaraj Singh

  • Whizrobo creates engaging educational experience that sparks imagination and fosters creativity and innovation among Young Minds using educational Robotics as the learning tool. We wish you a bright future

    Mrs Daljit Kaur Bhaagoo

  • We appreciate the dedication and passion of WHIZROBO which they provide with Students. It's was an awesome way to transfer and raise learning levels for the children wish them all the best in their future and endeavors.

    Jaskiran kaur

  • "WHIZROBO offers a unique competitive platform that not only tests the basic subjects taught in the school, but also enhances the analytical reasoning ability in a child. It increases the thinking capacity, problem solving skills, confidence and hence helps in an over all development of a child at a young stage. Students are going to learn an important lesson: It takes a ton of effort to become a winner, but it's totally worth it."

    Kriti Angra

  • "WHIZROBO offers courses that will inspire children to participate in creative and challenging activities. It encourages a love of science, technology and engineering at an early age. It's a great initiative  to identify the young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future. KUDOS TO THE WHIZROBO TEAM!!"

    Rahul Singh

  • "WHIZROBO is a unique platform specially designed for students to prepare them for future and enhance their skills in core subjects like Science & Maths. It is a great help to the parents to analyse their children potential and showcase their skills at National & International Platform. Keep up the good work!"

    Dr. Seema

  • "The website is a complete visual delight especially for children. Firstly, the colorful fonts are very attractive and the language is approachable for children of all levels. Moreover,the information is available according to the need of an individual; Coloured captions in comic font makes it easier to assess. Students from primary to intermediate level can enhance their knowledge and skills in core subjects focusing on their weaknesses. Therefore, it makes it easier to follow their school curriculum. Very importantly, this website encourages students to inculcate the technical concept of robotics as it's the need of future. Also, it is definitely a great help to let students know their Apptitude and can help them to widen their horizons for their future plans."

    Romila Walia

  • Awesome way to Transform and raise learning levels for the children. Innovative and also Churns the Brain of the child in the process ... Great"


  • "WHIZROBO has marked its presence in the field of education with entrepreneurial leadership and high quality resources. WHIZROBO is a great initiative in recognizing children across India. All the best!"

    Ms. Manmeet Sodhia

  • "Best establishment for Robotics in Ludhiana."

    Jaspreet Singh

  • "Qualified teachers, individual attention of each student best classes for kids."

    Rohit Grover

  • "So amazing for kids to be a part of this!"

    Ginny Castleberry