WHIZROBO offers a wide range of Robotic kits, which can help students, try hands on technology. The kits consist of: structural elements, mechanical elements, motors (or other actuators), sensors and a controller board to control the inputs and outputs of the robot. Our wide range of Robotic kits contain all the parts you need to make the working robot. All you need to have is basic mechanical and electronics skill and some basic tools like screw divers, soldering iron, pliers, cutter and drill. An illustrated manual containing full tutorial for assembling the kit is provided with all the kits on CD which makes it very easy to assemble, use and learn robotics. 

And the awareness to learn robotics is already viral, thanks to social media platforms and public forums.

Knowing this, a lot of students wish to get started with the robotics by developing projects. But unfortunately they had to rely on some robotics kits to learn, as robotics is not actually taught in their curriculum. 

If you are one such student/ parent who is on the lookout for best robotics kits to get acquainted with this technology, Reach out to us soon.


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