Description: Scratch is a visual programming language that is mainly used by children all over the globe. This visual language is in the shape of blocks and it allows its users to create online projects games apps and many other things.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction
    • Getting Started with scratch
    • Scratch interface
    • Understanding blocks
  • Essential Concepts
    • Basic Essentials.
      • Start Moving
      • Adding Sound
      • Start Dancing
      • Again, and again
      • Say something
      • Change color
      • Add a background
      • Creating a new project
      • Saving a project
    • Duplicating
    • Repeating
    • Deleting
    • Using Multiple Sprits
    • Reposting
    • Controlling Script Execution.
    • Clearing Scripts.
  • Having Fun with Scratch.
    • Changing the background
    • Conditional statements
    • Sprite interaction.
  • Effects and Animation.
    • Play with Effects.
    • Creating interactive Effects
    • Interact with a microphone
    • How to add animation
    • Make your sprite talk
    • Make a sprite walk
  • Making a program along with the interface to different blocks.
  • Creating Stories
    • How to make stories.
    • Talk to each other.
    • Glide off the stage
    • Switch backgrounds
  • Games
    • Power of variables
    • Expanding squares
    • Adjust the colors
    • Draw a circle
    • Switch between poses.
    • How to create games
    • Bounce around
    • Make sprite react
    • Keep source
    • Exploring new sprite
  • Hands on projects.
    • Multi size cat
    • Circle of cats
    • Make the cat roll while changing color
    • Make a ballerina script
    • Take a ghost around the city
    • Animating your name.
    • Animating a cartoon
    • The thirsty crow
    • The ant and the dove
    • The goose with the golden eggs
    • The rabbit and the tortoise.
    • Pop a balloon.
    • Throwing knives
    • Catch me if you can
    • Yes/No game.
  • Diving deeper (Hands on Projects)
    • Creating a cafe scene.
    • Whack the mole.


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