Starter Robotics Kit

Starter Robotics Kit
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Robotics Kits Designed, Articulated by Industry Experts, Seasoned Academicians & Technical Experts.

WHIZROBO's personalised STEM IT: With ROBOTICS" kits for K-12 Students. 
In this Level-1 Kit, it includes 7 models and a surprise gift for your young explorer. 
Description of models: 
1. Windmill: Finely cut MDF pieces to be made into a windmill with all concentration and engagement.
2. Blocks: Tiny block pieces that will engage your child for hours into making a  cute small dinosaur.
3. Glider: A build and fly glider model for the young enthusiast in your home.
4. Parachute : Enjoy the landing of a model parachute from the terrace of your house.
5. L.E.D house : Learn the basic of circuit designing with our unique model.
6. Catch the match : Make a wonderful learning aid for your child using our catch the match circuit.
7. Balloon boat: Make your little one learn the concept of reaction force while playing with our balloon boat.

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