POWTOON L-2 (Advanced)

POWTOON L-2 (Advanced)
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Powtoon is an online platform for creating short video presentations. Powtoon gives anyone the ability to create professional videos and presentations. You can select from royalty-free libraries of animation, live-action video, images, designed backgrounds, soundtracks, and moving graphics, or you can use your own visual content and voiceover.

Students can create quality animated video presentations to showcase their understanding of a specific topic. Teachers can also create their own Powtoons as an alternative approach to teaching topics.

This course takes you through everything you need to know to make a professional-looking Powtoon in just a few minutes. Explore templates, timeline, preview, and publishing process, all in one. 

Learn how to use Powtoon's powerful timeline tool to set the timing of the objects on the stage, create entry and exit effects, and more - so that your Powtoon plays exactly as you want!

  • Script Writing
  • Voice Recording
  • Divide the Slides
  • Populate the Slides
  • Adding Visuals

Duration: 3 months 

Language: English

Age Group: 6+

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